Day 3-4

Yesterday, Day 3, I downloaded the Robin Hood App and began learning about stock trading. I invested $20 into the App. So far, today, I am up about 1.50. However, upon downloading the app, I received 2 FREE stocks. One was valued at 3.45 and the other at 4.75. So in total, I am “up” almost $10.

Today, I received points for completion of a survey. This brought my total point number of 3 surveys to 900. You can cash the amount out at 500 Points for 5 dollars.

So far, this is a VERY slow process to get to the Million…LOL but hey, it’s only DAY 4 right?! My Etsy shop didn’t make any sales yesterday and none so far today, but I am working on stocking the shop with more items which will hopefully boost sales. I have a lot to learn and a lot to figure out. But every little bit counts!

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